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Terry Fiala

Terry Fiala

Taos, NM


While traveling extensively as a journalist, editor and writer, Terry Fiala has captured award-winning photographs. Depicting the specific moment or image that translates to memorable fine art photography or photojournalism is the ultimate in following his passion.

Terry is an image-maker, whose work has been selected for display in galleries and juried exhibits, receiving numerous international and national awards. He believes in stirring the soul through photography and his international, award-winning series, American Homeless, selected by the prestigious, Prix de la Photographie in Paris for outstanding, international documentary series, is an excellent example.

Long regarded for his seductive fine art photography and poignant photojournalism, Terry continues to expand the creative process through crafted and inventive images that have become extremely popular among collectors. Each of these images begins as an original photograph and he then transforms them into another form of art

In the words of Brian Walker, Discovered Artists International:
"Fine Art Photographer and Photojournalist, Terry Fiala, is an artist at the top of his game. His diverse body of work is a powerful hybrid of award-winning photojournalism photographs and beautifully compelling Fine Art images. He seamlessly brings these two disciplines together to create an exceptional body of highly-collectible master works. A journalist, editor, writer and artist, Terry is also an international, award-winning photographer with distinctions coming from both the U.S. and abroad. The work of Terry Fiala is a wonderful collection of images that reveal the enormous depth of his artistic ability. As a journalist, he continues to constantly strive for visual statements that tell a story. Creating powerful color and striking black and white images are at the heart of his passion for photography."

The images of Terry Fiala have been represented in galleries on the Historic Plaza in Santa Fe and currently in downtown Taos, New Mexico, where he now resides, as well as in Denver and many other venues throughout Colorado. In addition, his work may be viewed and purchased online here at Fine Art America and The Saatchi Gallery in London.

Awards, Honors and Recent Exhibits of Terry Fiala include:
The International Prestige Award for a Documentary Photographic Series: American Homeless, PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris;
First Place Photography: The National Lines into Shapes Exhibit (three consecutive years);
First Place Photography: The Annual Heritage Gallery Exhibit;
The Tatum Memorial Award for Photographic Excellence;
First Place Photography: The Colorado Art Open;
Honorable Mention: The National Juried Photography Show;
Memorial Award for Excellence: The Annual Artists of Colorado Exhibit

A sampling of the juried exhibits and galleries where Terry's work has been selected for display include:
The Internationally Juried PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris;
The Center for Fine Art Photography;
The National Juried Photography Exhibit (four consecutive years);
The Saatchi Gallery London online;
The International Juried Lines into Shapes Exhibit;
The Annual Juried Curtis Center for the Arts Photography Exhibit;
The National Juried Heritage Gallery Exhibit;
Dynamis Gallery on the Historic Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico;
The National Juried Palette and Paintbrush Exhibit;
The National Juried Foothills Art Center Exhibit;
The National Juried Spark Gallery Exhibit;
The National Juried Photo Eye Gallery Exhibit;
The Juried Colorado Art Open;
The Juried Artists of Colorado Exhibit;
Santa Fe, New Mexico;
Taos, New Mexico;
The Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver, Colorado
Fine Art America online;
The Square Deal Gallery, Denver, Colorado


Rain in Vancouver by Terry Fiala


End of the Trail by Terry Fiala


Shadows on the Plaza by Terry Fiala


The Old International by Terry Fiala


Train at Sundown by Terry Fiala


Hells Kitchen by Terry Fiala


North of Taos by Terry Fiala


Keb by Terry Fiala



Alone in Chicago by Terry Fiala


Off Broadway by Terry Fiala


Working Oaxaca by Terry Fiala


Sunrise at the Pueblo by Terry Fiala


Street Jazz by Terry Fiala


The Music Man by Terry Fiala


Shadow of the Raven by Terry Fiala


A Cemetery in Taos by Terry Fiala


O'Keeffe Country by Terry Fiala


October in Colorado by Terry Fiala


Santa Fe Obscura V by Terry Fiala


Old Taos by Terry Fiala


The Old Ride by Terry Fiala


Fredo by Terry Fiala


Sleeping in Seattle by Terry Fiala


Another Time by Terry Fiala


Same as Yesterday by Terry Fiala


Shadows at Sandoval by Terry Fiala


Twilight at Madrone by Terry Fiala


Entering Taos by Terry Fiala


Chimayo by Terry Fiala


Streets of Seattle by Terry Fiala


Midnight in Taos by Terry Fiala


At the Gorge by Terry Fiala


Aspen Aspens by Terry Fiala


Shadows of Taos by Terry Fiala


Streets of Santa Fe by Terry Fiala


Places to Put Your Stuff by Terry Fiala


Santa Fe Sunset by Terry Fiala


Inn at Loretto by Terry Fiala


The Windy City by Terry Fiala


Big Sax by Terry Fiala


The River by Terry Fiala


Fading Moon by Terry Fiala


Wild at the Water by Terry Fiala


Sunrise on the River by Terry Fiala


New Mexico Rust by Terry Fiala


Extremely Hot Sax by Terry Fiala


Sun Fog Fusion by Terry Fiala


On Break by Terry Fiala